Makeflix is a creative project with a playful take on trash. 

Simple ideas, basic skills and everyday materials that help repair & transform your old objects.

Examples from Makeflix projects

Turn a stain into a bird


A moon light made from scraps


Lost or odd buttons make a basic shirt not so basic


A hat made from an old cushion


Go where you want, with what you have

"Transform every unexpected turn into an opportunity"

Makeflix encourages simple ideas that can be localised and made by anyone, anywhere with whatever limited resources they have.  We help create tools & items through transformation of waste with a huge emphasis on the element of play.

A playful blend of environment and creativity.

We believe in simple ideas that connect and transform. 

Creative Repair workshops

Figure how to repair things that are broken or redundant

Consult & Collaborate

Bringing the idea of makeflix to new areas and disciplines